"Welcome to White Rose Organics, home of Organic Dexter Beef"

Our background

We moved from the UK to the slice of paradise that is Gisborne in 2002 and bought a lifestyle block with a few hens, pigs and four Dexter cows. Our idea being to live as sustainable as possible.

 Dexter cattle originated from Ireland. They are the smallest breed of cattle, which makes them ideal for lifestyle blocks as they require less food than normal cattle.They dont pug the paddocks up in wet weather and have good temperaments. Dexters also produce a highly marbled meat.

Now we farm 170 acres of Gisborne hill country with 130 head of Dexters , 17 pigs and assorted hens. Six acres of this being native bush under QE2 covenant. We farm organically and also follow Biodynamic principles

Now we sell our delicous beef at the Gisborne Farmers Market , make our own Gluten free sausages .


Organic Beef

A range of cuts of delicous Dexter Beef  , vacuumed packed . Also our own Gluten free  sausages

Available at the Gisborne Farmers Market or can be delivered to your door .

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Now Available Pastured Pork

We now have available Free Range Pork from our happy pigs along with Gluten free pork sausages.


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In the meantime listen to Steve talking about Dexter Cattle